Why you should invest in a custom suit versus off-the-rack.

Why you should invest in a custom suit versus buying off the rack.

It may seem so simple to just walk into a store, pick a suit off the rack and buy it. But a custom suit is worth the added time and investment. Custom clothing will give you a sleek look that matches your personal style and benefits you in many ways including the following.

1. A better fit

If you’ve ever worn a suit and counted down the time until you can take it off and put on something more comfortable, you should consider a custom suit. The neck area of your custom suit will fit you perfectly, so you don’t feel like you’re being choked, but also don’t look like you’re wearing a loose and floppy neckline.

Additionally, a custom suit will fit you perfectly in the sleeves as it has been tailored to fit your arms, no matter how they are proportionately to your body. You won’t have to pull down your sleeves constantly to adjust them to the proper positioning after reaching for something or moving about.

Likewise, your suit jacket will be the perfect length, making you look clean and spiffy for your next special occasion. While suit pants come in more custom lengths, it can be harder to get a suit jacket that is the perfect length for your body type.

An ill-fitting suit can make you look sloppy and less impressive at your next job interview. Planning ahead now will have you prepared for your next large occasion like a wedding or family graduation ceremony, so you can look your best to commemorate these special occasions.

2. Higher quality

When you purchase a suit off the rack, it has been created in bulk on industrial machines. Generally, these suits do not undergo inspections and can have missed seams or weak spots within the seams that go unnoticed.

When you get a custom suit, a tailor will inspect it for any inconsistencies or poor workmanship. Tailors adhere to a per-inch stitch count to ensure consistency throughout your custom suit and the most durable seams so that you have a suit you can wear for many special occasions.

Additionally, you have more control over the fabric that is used in your suit. You can choose fabric that’s appropriate for your climate and find something that feels comfortable against your skin as each person is different when it comes to comfort.

3. Longer lasting

Given the workmanship of a custom suit, it will last much longer and be worth the investment. An off-the-rack suit is still expensive, and when you spend that kind of money, you want to know that you’re getting a staple piece of clothing for your wardrobe for many years to come.

The better quality the fabric as well, the longer your suit will look good and be able to be fresh pressed time and again and still look new. Cheap fabrics can pill and lose their color vibrancy over time.

Custom clothes where you’ve carefully made selections about each aspect make you care more about your clothing and appreciate it to the point where you take meticulous care of it. Additionally, going through the custom clothes experience means you now have a tailor who can provide insights into proper care of your custom suit to ensure its longest life.

4. Highlight your style

Like anything else that’s custom, a custom suit enables you to choose all aspects of your ensemble so you can highlight your style. From the number of buttons down the front, to the pocket styles on the pants, you can have what you like or even fuse together other aspects of suits you’ve seen elsewhere.

This is especially true for fabrics. It might be difficult to find just the right pinstripe off-the-rack or a stylish flannel wool. No matter what you’re looking for, your tailor can make it come to life.

Stitching on the lapel can be custom, buttons at the cuffs can be of your choosing or even have a special meaning to them to honor a special occasion in your life or a loved one. No matter what your style is, it can be created with your custom suit design.

5. You don’t have to shop around

You no longer have to spend countless hours going from suit shop to suit shop to find just the right suit. When you order a custom suit, your tailor becomes your one-stop-shop.

The process for buying a suit can be exhausting as you look for the right fit and the right style. You could spend multiple shopping days and still not find what you’re looking for. However, if you bring a photo of what you’re looking for to your custom suit designer, we can make it a reality for you.

Even if you don’t have a photo, we can talk you through styles you like and get you to where you want to be without all the effort of driving all over town and talking to salesman after salesman who then won’t stop calling you for months after that.

This is especially important if you’re preparing for a big occasion, like a wedding, where you have enough other items to handle and just need your suit to be taken care of without countless hours of shopping. Don’t risk ordering multiple suits online and trying them on only to find you still haven’t found the right one and now you’re down to the wire to prepare for your special occasion.

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Why you should invest in a custom suit versus buying off the rack.
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Why you should invest in a custom suit versus buying off the rack.
It may seem so simple to just walk into a store, pick a suit off the rack and buy it. But a custom suit is worth the added time and investment.
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