ConfiDance Method of Performance-Level Dancing

ConfiDance Method of Performance-Level Dancing

What is the ConfiDance Method of Performance-Level Dancing?  It is a set of exercises and techniques developed by Michael Curtis to get a dancer to go beyond the dance technique in order to create a character and story.  This method works for any level of performance – social dance, showcase, and competitive.


Performance-Level Dancing Fundamentals

This exercise-driven class will concentrate on the building blocks of the ConfiDance Method - The Mirror, The Conversation, The Character, and The Story. This course is designed to get the dancer out of their head.

Performance Choices for Dancers

This fun class challenges the dancer to make choices throughout every part of a choreography. The dancer develops the tools to turn a choreography into a performance with a living character.

Advanced Performance-Level Dancing

The advanced class is the first time in the ConfiDance Method that dance figures are introduced. It gets more detailed in how to deepen the relationship of the couple on the floor.

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