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ConfiDance is a unique service providing ballroom dance lessons, bespoke fashion, and gut health products and is based in Columbus, Dublin, and Chillicothe, Ohio.

While we are best known for ballroom dance lessons to help you stay in shape and express yourself, we find it important to offer these additional services to help enhance your self-image.


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ConfiDance offers ballroom dance classes near you. With partnerships with a variety of local dance studios throughout central Ohio, we can teach you in a location that’s convenient for you. Whether you’re looking to capitalize on the social aspect of dance through group dance lessons or trying to home in on your skills to prepare for a big event, ConfiDance is equipped to help you.
From Waltz to Tango, you’ll learn how to move about the dance floor and have fun. Central Ohio offers many places to use your new dance skills. Don’t miss out on a fun new hobby out of a fear of getting out there the first time. Our dance instructors are patient and have worked with new dancers before. We know how to build your confidence and help you have fun throughout the process. To learn more about the dances we teach, check out our ballroom dance instruction page. To learn more about where we teach and when, contact us.
Additionally, while dancing professionally, ConfiDance founder Michael Curtis,  was surrounded by custom clothing designers, fitness & nutrition experts and worked with experts in those fields.  He saw personally how happy clients were when each of these additional areas was addressed and their self image was raised. 
While ConfiDance was started as a ballroom dance instruction business, Michael decided to create this complete solution to you!
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Meet our founder, Michael Curtis, a ballroom dance instructor passionate about full body health in Columbus, Dublin, and Chillicothe, Ohio.

Our unique fusion of fitness, nutrition and fashion will transform your self-image and leave you feeling great. Read More

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What people say about ConfiDance...

Terry Janis
Terry Janis

Michael has been my instructor for about 12 years. I look forward to my weekly lesson. His attention to detail, his sense of humor, his patience!!!! Are his endearing qualities. I do this for me, not to become a professional, and he challenges me every week. By the way, I’m 72, so he gets gold stars just for dealing with me.

Karen Houts
Karen Houts

I have been taking both private dance lessons and classes from Michael in Chillicothe for two months and have come to know Michael as a consummate professional who loves to dance and is an excellent instructor! Michael, with his ease of manner and quick sense of humor, makes learning even the most difficult steps fun! He has the ability to break the learning into smaller, manageable steps and, with practice, you are dancing with proper form! Michael works patiently and tirelessly to help his students achieve proper form regardless of whether their goal is competitive dancing or social dancing because it actually makes dancing easier and more fun AND he wants his students to do their best! He also will try whatever technique it takes to help you learn! I have had six years of lessons with other studios and finally feel like I am learning correctly! We are very fortunate that Michael is willing to come to Chillicothe each week!